House Committee on Administration of Criminal Justice
May 31, 2023
9:00 a.m.
Room 6


  BLUE = already considered.   RED = currently being considered.   BLACK = not yet considered.
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 HR168SEABAUGHCRIME - Creates a task force to study the effects of the Justice Reinvestment Initiative and the rise of violent crime in Louisiana
 HR174FREEMANCORRECTIONS - Creates a task force to study the educational programs in the prisons and jails of this state
 HR194VILLIOCRIMINAL/SENTENCING - Requests the House Committee on the Administration of Criminal Justice to study sentencing transparency
 HR196LANDRYCORRECTIONAL FACILITIES - Recreates the Safe Alternatives to Segregation Task Force
 SB48MORRISCRIMINAL PROCEDURE - Constitutional amendment to eliminate a judge's discretion to grant bail for certain offenses after conviction. (2/3 - CA8s1) (EG SEE FISC NOTE LF RV)
 SB94KLEINPETERCONTROL DANGER SUBSTANCE - Adds certain substances to the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substance Law. (8/1/23)
 SB107SMITHCRIME/PUNISHMENT - Provides relative to definition of first degree murder and penalties. (gov sig) (RE NO IMPACT See Note)
 SB159CATHEYJUVENILE JUSTICE - Provides for the detention of seventeen year old juveniles under certain circumstances. (gov sig) (EN NO IMPACT See Note)
 SB189JACKSONCHARITABLE GAMING - Provides relative to electronic or video bingo machines and licensed premises. (7/1/23) (EN NO IMPACT See Note)
 SB215BARROWCRIME/PUNISHMENT - Provides justification defense to domestic violence victim-defendants. (8/1/23)
 SB217HENRYCRIME/PUNISHMENT - Creates a state wide database for individuals convicted of child abuse/neglect. (7/1/24) (EN +$490,135 GF EX See Note)



Any person who does not feel comfortable giving testimony in person may submit a prepared statement in accordance with House Rule 14.33 in lieu of appearing before the committee:

A. Any interested person or any committee member may file with the committee a prepared statement concerning a specific instrument or matter under consideration by the committee or concerning any matter within the committee's scope of authority, and the committee records shall reflect receipt of such statement and the date and time thereof.

B. Any person who files a prepared statement which contains data or statistical information shall include in such prepared statement sufficient information to identify the source of the data or statistical information. For the purposes of this Paragraph, the term "source" shall mean a publication, website, person, or other source from which the data or statistical information contained in the prepared statement was obtained by the person or persons who prepared the statement.

NOTE: Statements emailed to and received prior to noon on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, will be distributed to the committee members prior to the meeting.