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      RS 46:1071     




§1071.  Legislative findings and purpose

The legislature hereby finds that the market for hospital and health care services is becoming increasingly competitive.  The legislature finds that hospital and other health care providers are contracting to engage in economic joint ventures or form partnerships to offer integrated health care services to the public.  The legislature finds that this increasing competition is forcing hospitals and other health care providers to develop market strategies and strategic plans to effectively compete.  The legislature further finds that hospital service districts are presently at a competitive disadvantage.  The legislature hereby declares that the purpose of R.S. 46:1071 through 1076 is to enhance the ability of a hospital service district to compete effectively and equally in the market for health care services.  Towards this end, the provisions of R.S. 46:1071 through 1076 shall be construed liberally.  

Acts 1984, No. 322, §1.  

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