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      RS 46:2404     


§2404. Louisiana Children's Trust Fund Board; created; membership

            A. There is hereby established the Louisiana Children's Trust Fund Board within the office, which shall serve as a subcommittee of the Children's Cabinet.

            B.(1) The Louisiana Children's Trust Fund Board shall be composed of fifteen members as follows:

            (a) The executive director of the Children's Cabinet, or his designee.

            (b) The assistant secretary of child welfare of the Department of Children and Family Services, or his designee.

            (c) The assistant secretary of the office of juvenile justice of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, or his designee.

            (d) A representative of each of the following, appointed by the governor, subject to Senate confirmation:

            (i) The Department of Education.

            (ii) The religious community.

            (iii) The university community.

            (iv) The early childhood community.

            (e) One member appointed by the governor, subject to Senate confirmation, from each of eight lists of three names, one such list to be submitted by each of the following:

            (i) The Louisiana State Medical Society.

            (ii) The Louisiana Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges.

            (iii) The Louisiana State Bar Association.

            (iv) The Louisiana Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.

            (v) The Louisiana Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives.

            (vi) The Louisiana Psychological Association.

            (vii) The Louisiana State Conference of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

            (viii) The National Business League, New Orleans Chapter.

            (2) In making his appointments as provided in this Subsection, the governor shall provide for geographic representation of all areas of the state and for representation of minority groups.

            C. The terms of office of appointed members of the board shall be four years, except that the governor shall appoint the original members as follows: seven members for a term of four years and six members for a term of two years. A vacancy shall be filled by appointment for the remainder of the unexpired term.

            D.(1) The board shall meet and organize immediately after appointment of the members and shall elect from its membership a chairman and such other officers as it deems necessary whose duties shall be those customarily exercised by such officers. The director of the board shall serve as secretary of the board. The board shall adopt rules for the transaction of its business and shall keep a record of its resolutions, transactions, findings, and determinations. A majority of the individuals appointed to the board shall constitute a quorum. Members shall serve without compensation but shall be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred in attendance at meetings of the board.

            (2) The treasurer shall keep full and accurate financial records, make periodic reports to the board, and shall submit a complete annual report, in writing, to the board. The board shall not authorize reports and recommendations which include the issue, publication, or distribution of general information documents or pamphlets, which are published on a regular basis and are generally known as newsletters.

            E. The board shall meet at least once in each quarter of the fiscal year, and as often thereafter as shall be deemed necessary by the chairman.

            F. The domicile of the board shall be East Baton Rouge Parish.

            G. The board shall make recommendations to the Children's Cabinet on the following:

            (1) Rules and regulations necessary to implement the provisions of this Chapter.

            (2) The comprehensive state plan for child abuse prevention, as provided in R.S. 46:2406 and funded through the Children's Trust Fund.

            (3) Funding amounts of grant proposals from the fund for child abuse and neglect prevention programs as provided in R.S. 46:2407.

            (4) Budget requests for the board that if approved by the cabinet shall be presented by the executive director of the cabinet to the office of the governor and the executive budget office.

            (5) The development and quality of services and child abuse prevention programs funded through the Children's Trust Fund.

            H. The board shall prepare and submit to the cabinet for review an annual report regarding the status of the fund that, once approved by the cabinet, shall be submitted to the legislature sixty days prior to each regular legislative session.

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NOTE: See Acts 1988, No. 698, §2.

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