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      RS 47:490.31     


§490.31. Military honor license plates for certain disabled veterans; one hundred percent disabled

            A. For the purpose of this Section, a qualified disabled veteran shall be any veteran who has a service-connected disability of one hundred percent as determined by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and who is a resident of this state.

            B. Upon the application of a qualified disabled veteran, the secretary shall issue to such veteran a military honor license plate, restricted to passenger cars, pickup trucks, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and vans, to be used in lieu of the regular motor vehicle registration license plate. The military honor license plate shall contain the designation "100% DAV" and shall bear the international symbol of accessibility followed by such numbers as the secretary finds expedient. The applicant shall comply with all state laws relating to registration and licensing of motor vehicles and shall, at the time of application, present such proof of status as a qualified disabled veteran as shall be acceptable to the secretary.

            C. No fee shall be charged for the license plates authorized by this Section and such plates shall not be subject to the renewal requirements applicable to standard plates.

            D. The secretary shall establish such rules and regulations as are necessary to implement the provisions of this Section, including but not limited to rules and regulations governing the transfer and disposition of such license plates.

            E. The secretary may issue a military honor license plate, as provided for in this Section, for each vehicle registered in the applicant's name, and the holder of such license plate shall be accorded the same privileges as holders of license plates for persons with mobility impairments. The secretary shall also issue a hang tag as provided in R.S. 47:463.4(B)(1), which bears the international symbol of accessibility, to a one hundred percent disabled veteran who has or is issued such a plate and who requests the hang tag. No fee shall be charged for the hang tag, and it shall be exempt from renewal requirements applicable to hang tags issued pursuant to R.S. 47:463.4. However, lost, destroyed, or mutilated hang tags shall be replaced according to the provisions of R.S. 47:463.4(C), including payment of the reissuance fee. A person using the hang tag in a vehicle with a one hundred percent disabled veteran license plate is not required to obtain or possess a mobility impairment driver's license or identification card.

            Acts 2016, No. 194, §1.

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