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      RS 33:2332     


§2332.  Storage charges on recovery of lost or stolen automobile; sale of automobile

The police departments in all cities having more than one hundred thousand population may charge storage, not exceeding fifteen dollars per month on all lost or stolen automobiles which are found or recovered by the departments, and may dispose, at public auction, of all lost or stolen automobiles found or recovered and stored with the department, at the expiration of ninety days from the date that the cars were first stored with the department; the proceeds of the sales are to be used for the payment of storage charges assessed against the automobile, and the sale and advertising charges; the balance, if any, is to be retained in the municipal treasury, subject to the order of the owner of the automobile thus sold, upon proof by him of the fact that he was the owner.  However, no stored automobile shall be sold until the chief of police has first advertised the fact, for thirty days, in a newspaper published in the municipality, that the police department has in its possession the lost or stolen automobile, which shall be described by make, model, serial number, and engine number; and that the owner is called upon to present himself, prove ownership, and pay the accrued storage charges, as well as the cost of advertisement.

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