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      RS 13:750     




§750.  Liability of the clerk of court; limitations

A.  Unless the law relieves him of such, the clerk of court in his official capacity as clerk of the court, ex officio recorder of mortgages and conveyances, or in any other capacity in which he may act, is liable for any damage or loss caused by his failure to properly perform the duties and obligations of the clerk while acting in such capacity or that is caused by the fault of a clerk, his deputies, or the employees of his office arising out of the performance of their duties.

B.  The liability of a clerk in his official capacity for the obligations of his office terminates when he ceases to hold office and his successor is appointed, who shall then succeed in his official capacity to all of the obligations of the preceding holder of the office incurred in his official capacity.

C.  All claims against the clerk in his official capacity are extinguished four years after the act or occurrence first giving rise to the claim whether or not the basis for the liability is a continuing one.  The prescription commences to run from the day the claimant acquires, or should have acquired, knowledge of the act or occurrence first giving rise to the claim.

Acts 2004, No. 769, §1.

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