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      RS 33:2186     


§2186.  Investigations

A.  Any investigation of a fire employee which is conducted pursuant to this Subpart shall be completed within sixty days, including the conducting of any pre-disciplinary hearing or conference.  However, in each political subdivision which is governed by R.S. 33:2471 et seq., the Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Law or R.S. 33:2531 et seq., the Fire and Police Civil Service Law for Small Municipalities and for Parishes and Fire Protection Districts, the fire department may petition the local governing authority for an extension of the time within which to complete the investigation.

B.  The governing authority shall set the matter for hearing and shall provide notice of the hearing to the fire employee who is under investigation.  The fire employee who is under investigation shall have the right to attend the hearing and to present evidence and arguments against the extension.  If the governing authority finds that the fire department has shown good cause for the granting of an extension of time within which to complete the investigation, it shall grant an extension of up to sixty days.

C.  Nothing contained in this Section shall be construed to prohibit the fire employee under investigation and the appointing authority from entering into a written agreement extending the investigation for up to an additional sixty days.  Nothing in this Section shall limit any investigation of alleged criminal activity.  Further, nothing herein shall affect any investigatory procedures collectively bargained in any jurisdiction.

Acts 2004, No. 262, §1.

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