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      RS 13:3715.5     


§3715.5.  Confidentiality of communication from health care provider

Any communication, including but not limited to an oral or written statement, gesture, or conduct by a health care provider expressing or conveying apology, regret, grief, sympathy, commiseration, condolence, compassion, or a general sense of benevolence made to a patient, a relative of the patient, or an agent or representative of the patient, shall not constitute an admission as defined in Code of Evidence Article 801(D)(2) or a statement against interest as defined in Code of Evidence Article 804(B)(3), and shall not be admissible in evidence to establish liability or for any other purpose, including impeachment, in a medical review panel proceeding, arbitration proceeding, or civil action brought by or on behalf of the patient or by or on behalf of an heir, survivor, statutory beneficiary, or agent or representative of the patient against the health care provider who made the communication.  A statement of fault, however, which is part of, or in addition to, any such communication shall not be made inadmissible pursuant to this Section.

Acts 2005, No. 63, §1.

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