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      RS 47:490.10     


§490.10.  Military honor license plates for certain veterans of the United States Marine Corps

A.  The secretary of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections shall establish military honor license plates for motor vehicles restricted to passenger cars, pickup trucks, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and vans, which may be issued, upon application, to any veteran of the United States Marine Corps who is a member of the Marine Corps League.  The license plate shall be of a color and design selected by the secretary.

B.  The military honor license plates shall be issued in the same manner as other motor vehicle license plates.  The charge for the issuance or renewal of a military honor license plate under this Section shall be a one-time fee of twenty-five dollars, which shall be in addition to the regular motor vehicle license fee.  Each person who applies for the issuance or renewal of a military honor license plate under this Section shall present to the secretary such proof of service in the Marine Corps and membership in the Marine Corps League as is acceptable to the secretary.

C.  The license plates shall be used only upon personally or jointly owned private passenger cars, pickup trucks, and vans registered in the name, or jointly in the name, of the person making application, and when issued to the applicant shall be used upon the vehicle for which issued in lieu of the standard license plate normally issued for the vehicle.  The license plate issued hereunder shall not be transferable between motor vehicle owners.  In the event the owner of a vehicle bearing the distinctive plate should sell, trade, exchange, or otherwise dispose of that vehicle, the plate shall be retained by the owner to whom issued and shall be returned by him to the issuing official.

D.  The secretary shall adopt administrative rules to implement the provisions of this Section.  Oversight review of the secretary's proposed administrative rules shall be conducted by the House and Senate Committees on Transportation, Highways and Public Works.

Acts 2005, No. 365, §1, eff. June 30, 2005; Acts 2010, No. 208, §1.

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