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      SRULE 13.22     


Rule 13.22.  Senate Executive Committee

A.  There shall be a special committee to be called the Senate Executive Committee which shall be composed of seven members as follows: ex officio, the President and the President Pro Tempore; the chairs of the Senate Committee on Finance and the Senate Committee on Senate and Governmental Affairs; and three members of the Senate appointed by the President.

B.  The committee shall have advisory authority to make recommendations to the President, other officers, and the Committee on Senate and Governmental Affairs concerning matters internal to the Senate including, without limitation, matters affecting Senate space and facilities, officers and employees, rules, administration, and budgetary and financial questions.

C.  The committee shall have the authority to establish an annual vouchered allotment for members of the Senate to be drawn by each member in monthly payments. This vouchered allotment shall be used exclusively for expenses incurred in the course and scope of duties as a member of the Senate such as rent for office space; electricity; water; gas; telephone; communication services; stationery; supplies; mileage or expense reimbursement for official travel in or out of state; and other expenses related to the holding or conduct of office. The committee may authorize an unexpended allotment amount to be carried forward from one fiscal year into the next fiscal year. The allotment shall be established no later than May fifteenth of each calendar year to be effective for the succeeding fiscal year. This allotment shall be set by the adoption of a resolution of the Executive Committee in an open public hearing.

SR 177 of the 2004 RS; SR 3 of 2008, 2nd Ex. Sess.

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