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      RS 40:1664.2     


§1664.2.  Purpose; administration and enforcement

A.  The purpose of this Subpart is to regulate the certifying, inspecting, installation, integrating, selling, and servicing of life safety and property protection systems and equipment and to prohibit the use of life safety and property protection systems and equipment which are not properly labeled in accordance with the rules adopted by the state fire marshal in the interest of safeguarding lives and property.

B.  The state fire marshal shall administer and enforce the provisions of this Subpart and may issue rules and regulations which he considers necessary to such administration and enforcement pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act.  In formulating necessary rules and regulations, the state fire marshal may use recognized standards, including those of the National Fire Protection Association, those recognized by federal law or regulation, those published by nationally recognized standards-making organizations, those industry standards established by accepted practices or trade associations, or those contained in manufacturers' installation manuals.

C.  The state fire marshal shall have the authority to charge and collect such fees as provided for in this Subpart.

D.  The Louisiana Life Safety and Property Protection Advisory Board shall advise the state fire marshal with respect to administration and enforcement of the provisions of this Subpart and shall exercise those functions specified in this Subpart.

Acts 2006, No. 307, §2, eff. Jan. 1, 2007; Acts 2010, No. 984, §1.

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