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      RS 25:380.132     


§380.132.  Governing board; creation; domicile; appointment and compensation of members

A.  The governing board of directors, sometimes referred to in this Chapter as "the board," of the Louisiana Military Hall of Fame and Museum is hereby created in the Department of State.

B.  The domicile of the board shall be in the parish of Vermilion.

C.  The board shall be comprised as follows:

(1)  Seven members shall be appointed by the secretary of state and six members shall be elected by the Friends of the Louisiana Military Hall of Fame and Museum.  The speaker of the Louisiana House of Representatives, the president of the Louisiana Senate, and the secretary of state or their designees shall serve as nonvoting members of the board.

(2)  All members shall serve four-year terms concurrent with the governor.

(3)  Each member shall serve until his successor is appointed and takes office.

(4)  Each appointment shall be subject to confirmation by the Senate.

(5)  Members of the board shall serve without compensation.

Acts 2006, No. 614, §1.

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