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      RS 47:490.20     


§490.20.  Military honor license plates; Iraq Campaign Veteran

A.  The provisions of this Section shall be applicable to Iraq Campaign Medal recipients.

B.  Upon application of an Iraq Campaign Medal recipient, the secretary of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections shall issue a military honor license plate to be used in lieu of a regular motor vehicle registration plate.  The license plates shall be restricted to use on passenger cars, pickup trucks, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and vans.  The military honor license plate shall be known as the "Iraq Campaign Veteran" license plate and shall bear a likeness of the Iraq Campaign Medal centered on the left side of the license plate and the words "Iraq Campaign Veteran" centered on the bottom of the plate under the license plate number.

C.  The charge for this license plate shall be the regular motor vehicle registration license fee.

D.  The secretary shall adopt rules and regulations to implement the provisions of this Section, including but not limited to rules governing the transfer of the license plates from one vehicle to another and the disposition of such license plates.

E.(1)  Any applicant who qualifies for the military honor license plate authorized by this Section may be issued a plate for each vehicle registered in the applicant's name.

(2)  Except as otherwise provided in this Subsection, each military honor license plate issued under this Section shall be returned to the secretary upon the death of the person to whom the plate was issued.  A surviving spouse of a person to whom a license plate was issued under this Section may retain a license plate issued under this Section, provided the surviving spouse has not remarried and provided the surviving spouse applies to the secretary for a transfer of the license plate to the surviving spouse.  A military honor license plate transferred under this Subsection to a surviving spouse shall be returned to the secretary upon the death or remarriage of the surviving spouse.  In the event that an Iraq Campaign Medal recipient holds more than one military honor license plate at the time the Iraq Campaign Medal recipient dies, the surviving spouse may determine which of the license plates the surviving spouse wishes to retain.

Acts 2008, No. 146, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 2009; Acts 2010, No. 208, §1.

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