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      RS 13:5235     


§5235.  Exceptions

A.  Nothing in this Part shall be construed to allow any person to cause physical injury to another person.

B.  The standards of a compelling governmental interest, as set forth in R.S. 13:5233, shall be satisfied by any penological regulation or rule which is established by a jail or correctional facility to protect the safety and security of incarcerated persons, or staff of, or visitors to the jail or correctional facility, or to maintain order or discipline in the jail or correctional facility.

C.  Nothing in this Part shall be construed to authorize any relationship, marital or otherwise, that would violate Article XII, Section 15 of the Constitution of Louisiana.

D.  Nothing in this Part shall be construed to authorize the enforcement of any law, rule, or legal code or system established and used or applied in a jurisdiction outside of the states or territories of the United States.

Acts 2010, No. 793, §1.

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