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      RS 13:5240     


§5240.  Limitations and procedures

A.  Except as stated in Subsection B of this Section, and except as to objections, protective orders or writs of mandamus or prohibition, the provisions of the Louisiana Governmental Claims Act, R.S. 13:5101 through 5108, as applicable, shall apply to an action under this Part.

B.  A person shall bring an action to assert a claim for damages under this Part not later than one year after the date the person knew or should have known of the substantial burden on the person's free exercise of religion.  Mailing notice under R.S. 13:5238 shall toll the one-year period until the seventy-fifth day after the date on which the notice is mailed.

C.  Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, including R.S. 13:5238 and 5239, the provisions of the Corrections Administrative Remedy Procedure, as provided in R.S. 15:1171 through 1179, and the Prison Litigation Reform Act, as provided in R.S. 15:1181 through 1191, as applicable, shall apply to any action under this Part.

Acts 2010, No. 793, §1.

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