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      RS 47:490.23     


§490.23.  Military support license plates; Support Our Veterans

A.  The secretary of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections shall establish a military support license plate to be known as the "Support Our Veterans" license plate.  The license plates shall be restricted to use on passenger cars, pickup trucks, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and vans.  The license plate shall be a color and design selected by the Department of Veterans Affairs.  The secretary of the department shall be prohibited from changing the design and color of the license plates within a five-year period after the date of acceptance of a specific color and design.

B.  The license plates shall be issued, upon application, to any citizen of Louisiana in the same manner as any other motor vehicle license plate.

C.  A one-time royalty fee of twenty-five dollars for use of the prestige plate shall be collected from the applicant and forwarded to the Louisiana Military Family Assistance Fund for each license plate issued as provided for in this Section.  The  department shall also collect the standard motor vehicle registration license fee provided for in R.S. 47:463 and a handling fee of three dollars and fifty cents to offset a portion of the department's administrative costs.

D.  The money received from the royalty fees by the Louisiana Military Family Assistance Fund shall be used solely in accordance with the provisions of R.S. 46:121 et seq.

E.  The secretary shall adopt rules and regulations to implement the provisions of this Section, including but not limited to rules governing the transfer of the license plates from one vehicle to another and the disposition of such license plates.

Acts 2010, No. 104, §1.

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