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      RS 11:175     


§175.  Membership information; public access

A.  In addition to the public records that are made accessible pursuant to the provisions of R.S. 44:16, any person of the age of majority shall be eligible to inspect, copy or reproduce, or obtain a reproduction of the following information from the records of any public retirement system, plan, or fund regarding any active member of the system, plan, or fund:

(1)  The name of the employing agency or agencies and the dates of any employment of the member in which the member has been eligible for membership in the system, plan, or fund.

(2)  The salary reported by the member's employer or employers for the purpose of determining contributions paid or payable to the system and the number of years of service credited to the member's account.

(3)  The amount of benefits paid or payable to the member's Deferred Retirement Option Plan account, if any.

B.  Any information requested pursuant to this Section shall be provided by the system in accordance with the laws relative to public records, R.S. 44:1 et seq.

Acts 2001, No. 843, §1, eff. June 26, 2001.

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