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      RS 11:219     


§219.  State Medical Disability Board

A.  The State Medical Disability Board shall be composed of physicians appointed by the board of trustees of each state and statewide retirement system, with each physician serving at the pleasure of the board of trustees that appointed him.  Each medical board member shall, according to the provisions of R.S. 11:218, be responsible for either reviewing the medical case histories of or conducting medical examinations of members of any state and statewide retirement systems who apply for disability benefits and for submitting his findings and recommendations to the appropriate boards of trustees.  

B.  The board of trustees of the appropriate system may, at their discretion or upon recommendation of a physician on the State Medical Disability Board, call upon physicians in any area of medical specialty and from any area of the state either to review case histories or to conduct regular or appeal examinations of disability retirement applicants.  These alternate physicians shall follow the same procedures and have the same authority as regular members of the medical board under the provisions of R.S. 11:218(D).  

Added by Acts 1983, No. 21, §1; Redesignated from R.S. 42:703.1 by Acts 1991, No. 74, §3, eff. June 25, 1991; Acts 1993, No. 361, §1.

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