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      RS 33:2570     


§2570.  City of Harahan; assistant chief of police

A.  Notwithstanding the provisions of R.S. 33:2541 or any other provision of law to the contrary, the position of assistant chief of police of Harahan is in the unclassified service.  The right of selection, appointment, supervision, and discharge for the position is vested in the chief of police of the city.

B.(1)  Any person who is appointed from a position in the classified police service to serve as assistant chief of police shall not forfeit his seniority accumulated to the date of his appointment, and he shall continue to accumulate seniority in accordance with the provisions of this Part during the time he holds the position of assistant chief of police.  The assistant chief of police shall serve indefinitely in the position and shall be evaluated every three years by the chief of police.  After each evaluation by the chief of police, the chief may reconfirm the assistant chief for another three-year period, or may, at his discretion, demote the assistant chief to his former class of position.

(2)  If any such person is demoted as the result of such evaluation, or otherwise vacates the position on the approval of the chief of police, he shall be demoted to a position in the class he held immediately preceding his appointment as assistant chief of police.  If an assistant chief of police is subjected to corrective or disciplinary action, he shall have the same rights as any other employee in the municipal fire and police civil service.

Acts 2011, No. 247, §1.

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