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      RS 13:3852     


§3852. Notices of seizure

            A. The sheriff to whom the writ is directed shall make three notices setting forth the title of the action or proceeding, its docket number, the court which issued the writ, the amount of the judgment or claim specified in the writ, an exact copy of the description of the immovable property furnished him in accordance with R.S. 13:3851 the fact that the sheriff is seizing the described property in accordance with Code of Civil Procedure Article 2293, information as provided in Subsection B of this Section concerning the property owner's rights and the availability of housing counseling services, and the date of the first scheduled sale of the property. The initial sheriff's sale date shall not be scheduled any earlier than sixty days after the date of the signed court order commanding the issuance of the writ. If the immovable property to be seized is owned by more than one party, the sheriff shall make an additional notice for each additional party. No other notice of seizure shall be required.

            B. The following form shall be used for these notices by the sheriff:

            "Notice is hereby given that I am this day seizing, in accordance with the provisions of R.S. 13:3851 through 13:3861, the following described immovable property, to wit: _______________________________________ as the property of ____________, under a writ of ______________, issued on the ______ day of _________, _____, by the ____________ District Court for the Parish of _______________________________, in the matter entitled ______________ versus___________________, No. _______ of its docket, to satisfy a claim of $___________, interest and costs, this ____ day of __________, _____. This matter is scheduled for sheriff's sale on ________day of________, ________, at_______A.M./P.M. Please be aware that the sheriff's sale date may change. You may contact the sheriff's office to find out the new date when the property is scheduled to be sold. The new sale date will also be published in the local newspaper in accordance with R.S. 43:203. If the seized property is residential property, you may be afforded the opportunity to bring your account in good standing by entering into a loss mitigation agreement with your lender, or by paying all of your past due payments plus permitted costs and expenses within the time permitted by law for reinstatement of your account. You are strongly encouraged to seek legal counsel. If you cannot afford to pay an attorney, you may be able to qualify for free legal services. Foreclosure prevention counseling services through a housing counselor, including loss mitigation, are provided free of charge. To find a local housing counseling agency approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, you may contact the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development or the Louisiana Housing Corporation.

            THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH APPLIES ONLY TO PROPERTY THAT HAS BEEN SEIZED PURSUANT TO A WRIT OF SEIZURE AND SALE ISSUED IN AN EXECUTORY PROCEEDING: As provided in Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure Article 2642, defenses and procedural objections to an executory proceeding may be asserted either through an injunction proceeding to arrest the seizure and sale as provided in Articles 2751 through 2754, or a suspensive appeal from the order directing the issuance of the writ of seizure and sale, or both. A suspensive appeal from an order directing the issuance of a writ of seizure and sale shall be taken within fifteen days of service of the notice of seizure as provided in Article 2721. The appeal is governed by the provisions of Articles 2081 through 2086, 2088 through 2122, and 2124 through 2167, except that the security therefor shall be for an amount exceeding by one-half the balance due on the debt secured by the mortgage or privilege sought to be enforced, including principal, interest to date of the order of appeal, and attorney fees, but exclusive of court costs.



Parish of _________________

By: _____________________"

            C. The sheriff shall not be required to serve any further notice of rescheduled sale dates provided he has not returned the writ to the clerk of court.

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