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      RS 18:109     


§109.  Notice of registration and change in registration

After receiving from the registrar the information concerning a new registrant or a change in name, address, or polling place made with respect to the registration of any person, the Department of State promptly shall deliver a notice to the appropriate registrar that the person is registered or that his registration has been changed.  The registrar shall then mail the notice, postage prepaid, to each new registrant and to each person whose registration was changed.  The notice shall show the parish, ward, precinct, and registration address of the registrant.  The notice shall list an abbreviation of the name of the political party if the registrant is registered as being affiliated with a recognized political party, "other" if the registrant is registered as being affiliated with a political party that is not recognized, or "no party" or an abbreviation thereof if the registrant is registered with no political party affiliation.  However, the registrar shall not be required to send such a notice to any voter who is on the inactive list of voters unless the change in registration involves a change in the voter's address.  The secretary of state shall prescribe the form to be used on the notice; however, "Return Service Requested" shall be printed on the front of the notice, and the return address shall be that of the registrar.  When a notice is returned by the postmaster, the registrar shall proceed in accordance with the applicable provisions of Part V of this Chapter.

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