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      RS 18:110     


§110. Removal from precinct; removal from parish

            A.(1) At any time prior to closing of registration for any election a registrant who changes his residence within the parish may change his registration without reregistering by making application by mail or electronically to the registrar or by appearing in person at the office of the registrar.

            (2) Upon receipt of an application for a change of registration, the registrar shall compare the signature on the application with the signature on the original application card, any subsequent signature in the records of the registrar, or the signature on any microfilm, microfiche, or scanned or electronically captured computerized images of documents in the records of the registrar. If the signatures are sufficiently alike to identify the applicant as the registered voter, the change shall be made and the date of the change of residence and the new ward and precinct shall be recorded in the registrant's information on the state voter registration computer system and, if the original application is available in hard copy in the registrar's office, on the original application form. If the application is signed by a mark witnessed by the signatures of two witnesses, the registrar shall make the change on the basis of the application.

            (3) The registrar shall send the notice referred to in R.S. 18:109 to a voter whose registration is changed.

            B.(1) A change of registration based upon a change of residence within a parish received after the closing of registration for a primary election shall become effective the day after the general election or special general election when a special primary election is held in conjunction with a general election except as follows:

            (a) A person whose registration has been canceled pursuant to R.S. 18:193(G).

            (b) A person whose registration has been canceled or whose address has been corrected pursuant to R.S. 18:196(C).

            (2) The change of residence of a registrant from one precinct to another in the same parish does not deprive him of the right to remain as a legal registrant, as to all issues upon which he was entitled to vote prior to his change of residence, in the precinct from which he has removed until he changes his registration as provided in Subsection A of this Section and has the right to vote in the precinct to which he has moved.

            (3) However, in a regularly scheduled general election where the only candidate's election appearing on any ballot in the parish is a special primary election, then in such instance, the change shall become effective prior to the special primary election. In a regularly scheduled or special general election, where the change of registration does not change any issues or candidate offices upon which the voter was entitled to vote prior to the change, the change shall become effective prior to the regularly scheduled or special general election.

            C. The removal from one parish to another parish does not deprive any registrant of the right to remain a legal registrant in the parish from which he has removed, as to all issues upon which he was entitled to vote prior to his change of residence, until he registers and has the right to vote in the parish to which he has moved or until three months after he moved, whichever is sooner.

            D. Any registrant may have his name cancelled from the file of eligible voters by filing a written statement of such request with the registrar of voters for the parish in which he is registered.

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