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      RS 13:5632     


§5632.  Louisiana Sheriff's Executive Management Institute; creation; board; membership

A.  The Louisiana Sheriff's Executive Management Institute is hereby created within the office of the governor and shall be domiciled in the city of Baton Rouge.

B.  The Louisiana Sheriff's Executive Management Institute shall be governed by a board. The board shall be composed of five members, all of whom shall be United States citizens and residents of the state.

C.  The board shall consist of the following members:

(1)  Three members appointed by the governor from a list of six names submitted by the Louisiana Sheriffs' Association, all of whom shall be current sheriffs.

(2) The chief justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court or his designee.

(3)  The chairman of the Louisiana Peace Officers Standards and Training Council.

D.  The qualifications of each member of the board shall continue throughout the term in office.  In the event a member should cease meeting the qualifications, his seat shall be declared vacant and the vacancy shall be filled pursuant to the same process as for the original appointment for the remainder of the unexpired term.

E.  The members of the board provided for in Paragraph (C)(1) of this Section shall be appointed for a term of three years and shall continue to serve until reappointed or replaced.  In the event of death or resignation of a member, a successor shall be appointed to serve the unexpired term for which the member had been appointed within thirty days pursuant to the same process as that used to make the original appointment.

F.  The appointments by the governor shall be subject to confirmation by the Senate.

G.  Members shall serve without compensation.

Acts 2012, No. 350, §1.

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