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      RS 18:447     


§447.  Parish executive committees; fundraising

A.  A parish executive committee of a political party may accept donations, conduct fundraising activities, and accept funds from such activities for the purpose of funding the operation of the committee, in addition to collecting the fees assessed to candidates pursuant to R.S. 18:464.

B.  Funds accepted by a parish executive committee pursuant to this Section may be used only as provided in R.S. 18:464(G) for the use of fees received from candidates.

C.  Funds accepted by a parish executive committee pursuant to this Section, and the spending of such funds as authorized in this Section, shall be subject to the reporting requirements set forth in Chapter 11 of this Title, and shall be included in the financial statements provided to the legislative auditor and state central committee pursuant to R.S. 18:464(F).

Acts 2001, No. 229, §1.

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