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      RS 19:3     


§3.  Property not subject to expropriation

A.  No graveyard or cemetery shall be expropriated unless the court finds that the route of expropriation cannot be diverted from that proposed by the plaintiff without great public loss or inconvenience.  This Subsection shall not apply to a graveyard or cemetery in which no interred remains are located at the time the plaintiff makes its first offer to acquire the rights sought to be acquired.

B.  No mortgage shall be expropriated.  The provisions of this Subsection shall not apply to any expropriating authority authorized by R.S. 19:2 that seeks to expropriate needed property that is subject to a mortgage.  The provisions of R.S. 19:11 shall apply in such cases.

Amended by Acts 1974, Ex.Sess., No. 11, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 1975; Acts 2014, No. 632, §1.

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