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      RS 3:4106     


§4106.  Dairy Stabilization Board

A.  There is hereby created the Dairy Stabilization Board to be composed of eight members as follows: the governor shall appoint two milk producers, one wholesale grocer, one processor, one retailer, and three consumers.  No consumer member shall be engaged in producing, processing, or selling dairy products nor have a personal economic interest in any person who is so engaged.

B.  The term of office of the board members first appointed by the governor shall be as follows: two members, one year, ending August 1, 1977; two members, two years, ending on August 1, 1978; and four members, three years ending on August 1, 1979.  The terms of all members appointed upon the expiration of the term of each of the first members appointed, and the term of the wholesale grocer, shall be for three years.  In making the initial appointments, the governor shall, consistent with this Section, designate the term of office to be served by each appointee.  Vacancies shall be filled in the manner of original appointment.

Added by Acts 1974, No. 31, §1.  Amended by Acts 1976, No. 695, §1; Acts 1977, No. 142, §1; Acts 1985, No. 75, §1.

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