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      RS 33:1991     



§1991. Definitions

            A.(1) The word "fireman", as used in this Subpart includes all persons employed or engaged full-time by municipalities or municipal fire departments, parishes or parish fire departments, or fire protection districts for firefighting, fire prevention, fire record clerk, fire investigation, fire protection, or emergency duties and services, or the fire training officers of such persons. The word "fireman" also includes employees of nonprofit corporations under contract with a fire protection district or other political subdivision to provide such services, including operators of the fire-alarm system when such operators are members of the regularly constituted fire department. The word "fireman" does not include carpenters, storekeepers, machinists, clerks, except fire record clerks, building hazard and similar inspectors, physicians, or other non-firefighting employees detailed for such special duties, nor does the word "fireman", except as otherwise provided in this Subsection, include employees of privately owned or operated firefighting or fire prevention services. The word "fireman" also does not include emergency medical technicians who work for a public emergency medical services system that is not engaged in traditional firefighting activities.

            (2) A fireman shall be known as "apprentice fireman" for his first two years' active service. At the completion of two years' active service he shall be known as "first class fireman".

            (3) "Engineer" means any fireman who drives, tillers, or otherwise chauffeurs any fire department apparatus.

            B. The next three ranks and grades or classifications shall be:

            (1) Lieutenant, where the municipality, parish or fire protection district deems the rank necessary;

            (2) Captain;

            (3) Assistant chief, battalion chief and district chief.

            Amended by Acts 1962, No. 132, §1; Act 1975, No. 109, §1; Acts 1991, No. 1000, §1, eff. July 24, 1991; Acts 2015, No. 325, §1.

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