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      RS 33:1996     


§1996.  Annual vacation

Firemen in municipalities, parishes and fire protection districts to which this Subpart applies, after having served one year, shall be entitled to an annual vacation of eighteen days with full pay.  This vacation period shall be increased one day for each year of service over ten years, up to a maximum vacation period of thirty days, all of which shall be with full pay.  The vacation privileges herein provided for shall not be forfeited by any member of the department for any cause.  Firemen employed on January 6, 1969 shall have their present longevity considered as a factor in the computation of their vacation benefits as provided herein.

The provisions of this section shall in no way be construed to affect in any manner any presently existing system of computing vacation periods under which greater vacation benefits are granted than those provided for herein and the same shall continue in full force and effect.

Amended by Acts 1962, No. 132, §1; Acts 1968, Ex.Sess., No. 57, §1.

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