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      RS 33:2022     


§2022.  Election to authorize disability and relief fund

A special election for the purpose of submitting to the property taxpayers of the municipality the proposition of inaugurating a system of disability and relief payments for its firemen and of creating a special fund known as "The Disability and Relief Fund for Firemen," hereinafter referred to as "the fund," must be called by the governing authority of the municipality before it creates the fund.  The election shall be held in accordance with the regulations for special elections set forth in Title 39, Sub-title II, Chapter 4, Part II.* If a majority in number and amount of the votes cast are in favor of the proposition, the governing authority may create the fund.

If the fund has been created under Act 303 of 1940** and is in force on the effective date of these Revised Statutes, it is continued in effect subject to the following Sections, through R.S. 33:2042; the rights of all persons with regard to the fund, which exist on the effective date of these Revised Statutes, are continued in effect.

*R.S. 39:501 to 39:518.  See, now, R.S. 18:1281 et seq.

**R.S. 33:2021 et seq.

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