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      RS 33:2031     


§2031.  Powers and duties of board

The board shall:

(1)  Make regulations necessary for the administration of the fund;

(2)  Hear and decide applications for benefits;

(3)  Retain and provide compensation for legal, medical, clerical, or other services necessary for the conduct of the affairs of the fund;

(4)  Deduct the amounts provided from the salaries of the active participants in the fund and pay them into the treasury of the fund;

(5)  Certify to the levying authority the amount of revenues required;

(6)  Cause the examination of every disability pensioner or beneficiary at least once a year;

(7)  Keep all necessary records of its meetings and proceedings;

(8)  Annually, at the close of the fiscal year, cause to be posted in each station house a recapitulation of the fund, showing number of pensioners, amount of disbursements, revenues received, and present condition and manner of investment of the fund; and

(9)  Keep a book to be known as "List of Retired Firemen." This book shall give a complete record of the action of the board in retiring or pensioning all persons, showing the names, dates of entering the service, date of removal from active service, and the reason for such action.

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