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      RS 33:2211     



§2211.  Applicability; definition of "employee of police department"

A.(1)  Except as provided in Paragraph (2) of this Subsection and as otherwise specified in R.S. 33:2212.1, provisions of this Subpart shall apply to municipalities having a population of not less than twelve thousand nor more than two hundred fifty thousand.

(2)(a)  R.S. 33:2214 shall not apply to the city of Westwego.

(b)  The provisions of this Subpart, including R.S. 33:2212.1, shall not apply to the city of Mandeville.

B.  The term "employee of a police department" as used in this Subpart shall include all persons employed or engaged full time and paid by the municipalities affected by this Subpart, for the enforcement of laws and ordinances and the general preservation of the public peace and order, including jailers and radio operators not otherwise classified, but shall not include or mean pound keepers, dog catchers, janitors, porters, elevator operators, chefs, kitchen helpers and workers, mechanics and mechanical helpers, special guards, physicians, carpenters, sign painters, any part-time or temporary employee, or any other employment of such special nature.

Acts 1986, No. 671, §1; Acts 2014, No. 77, §1.

NOTE:  See Acts 2014, No. 77, §2 regarding retroactive effect of Subsection A as amended by the Act.

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