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      RS 33:2478     


§2478.  Rules

Each board may adopt and execute rules, regulations, and orders necessary or desirable effectively to carry out the provisions of this Part, and shall do so when expressly required by this Part.  No rule, regulation, or order shall be contrary to, or in violation of, any provision, purpose, or intent of this Part or contrary to any other provision of law.  The board may amend or repeal any rule or part thereof in the same manner provided herein for the adoption of the rule.  All rules shall be applicable to both the fire and police classified services, unless by express provisions therein, it is made applicable to only one of the services.

A board may adopt any rule, either in its proposed or revised form, after holding a public hearing at which any municipal officer, employee, private citizen, and the state examiner shall be given an opportunity to show cause why the proposed rule, amendment, or any part thereof should not be adopted.  Before the board holds this public hearing, it shall furnish at least thirty days notice in advance of the date, time, and place therefor to the mayor, commissioner of public safety, any other municipal commissioner whom the rule may in any way affect, the chief and each station of the departmental service to be affected by the adoption of any such rule, and to the state examiner.  A copy of all proposed rules to be discussed at any hearing shall be furnished with all notices.  Each notice and copy of proposed rule furnished the various stations of a respective department shall be posted upon the bulletin board of each station for a period of at least thirty days in advance of the hearing.

Within thirty days after the board has adopted any rule, whether it is a new rule or amendment to an existing rule, or an abolition in whole or part thereof, it shall furnish an official copy thereof to all persons and places set forth above.

Rules adopted under the authority of this section shall have the force and effect of law.

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