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      RS 33:2539     


§2539.  State examiner and deputy state examiner

A.  The state examiner of municipal fire and police civil service and the deputy state examiner created and provided for by R.S. 33:2479 shall serve the municipal civil service for firemen and policemen provided by this Part and shall perform the same functions with regard to municipal, parish, and fire protection district civil service for firemen and policemen as provided in this Part as they are required to perform under the provisions thereof.  The state examiner shall:

(1)  Assist the various boards in an advisory capacity in the discharge of their duties.

(2)  Prepare and submit a classification plan to each board for its approval, after consultation with the appointing and departmental authorities of the departmental service for which a plan is prepared and submitted, as provided in R.S. 33:2543.

(3)  Prepare and administer tests of fitness for original entrance and promotion to applicants for positions in the respective classified services of the municipalities, parishes, and fire protection districts; score the tests and furnish the results to the board for which the tests are given.

(4)  Cooperate with the secretary of each board in maintaining a roster of all fire and police civil service employees in which shall be set forth the name of each employee, the class title of position held, the salary or other compensation, any change in class title, and any other necessary data.

(5)  Assist and cooperate in an advisory manner with the various appointing authorities, departments, officers and the classified employees of the municipalities, parishes, and fire protection districts regarding the duties and obligations imposed upon them by the provisions of this Part.

(6)  Encourage employee training in the classified service and, when possible, attend the training courses or parts thereof.

(7)  Make annual or biennial reports regarding the work of his office to the governor.

B.  The state examiner may delegate to the deputy state examiner such of the above duties as he may deem expedient.

Acts 1964, No. 282, §1.  Amended by Acts 1965, No. 146, §1; Acts 1999, No. 456, §1.

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