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      RS 33:2543     


§2543.  Classification plan

As soon as practicable, but in all events within a period not to exceed eighteen months after this Part takes effect, each board shall adopt a classification plan for the fire and police service under its jurisdiction.  Each classification plan shall consist of classes to be designated either by standard titles, ranks or a combination thereof for all positions included in the classified service for the fire and police service.  The classification plan may be divided into groups of classes.  The various classes of position shall be arranged in each classification plan so as to show the principal and natural lines of promotion and demotion.  The classification plan shall be adopted as rules of the board, in the manner provided by this Part for the adoption of rules.  Rules creating the classification plan, future classifications, abolition of any classification, any amendment thereto, or revision thereof shall be adopted by a board only after consultation with the appointing authority, and the state examiner.  The original classification plan to be established when this Part takes effect in a municipality, parish or fire protection district shall be prepared after consultation with the appointing authority, and shall be submitted by the state examiner to the board for its approval and adoption.  The board may amend or revise the classification plan before adopting it.  The state examiner shall advise and assist the board in all future classifications whenever requested to do so.

Acts 1964, No. 282, §1.

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