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      RS 33:2544     


§2544.  Allocation of positions to classes

The board, or the chairman thereof subject to the subsequent approval of the board, as soon as practicable but within a period not exceeding forty-five days after the adoption of a classification plan, after consultation with the appointing authority concerned shall allocate each position in the classified service to its appropriate class; and thereafter shall likewise allocate each new position created in the service, and, when for the benefit of the service, reallocate positions from class to class.

Whenever the duties of a position are so changed by the appointing authority that the position in effect becomes one of a different class from that to which it is allocated, the change shall operate to abolish the position and to create a new position of the different class.

Whenever the board finds any change in the duties of any position in the classified service was brought about by the appointing authority to effect a reduction in the classification of any employee because of political, religious or discriminatory reasons, or without just cause, it shall refuse to recognize any such action, and shall order the appointing authority to continue the employee in the position and class with all rights and privileges.

Acts 1964, No. 282, §1.

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