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      RS 33:2546     


§2546.  Status of incumbent of position when allocated

Every person employed in the municipal fire and police service for a continuous period of at least six calendar months immediately preceding the date that this Part takes effect in the municipality, parish or fire protection district who was regularly and permanently appointed to a position coming under the classified service, shall be inducted into and be bound under the classified service, the provisions of this Part and the rules adopted hereunder.

When any position is first allocated hereunder, or is reallocated to a different class to correct an error in its previous allocation or because of a change in the duties of a position which has the effect of abolishing the position and creating a new position of another class, the employee in the position may continue to serve therein, with the status and all the rights and privileges he would have had under this Part if he had been originally appointed by examination and certification hereunder to a position of the class to which the position has been allocated or reallocated.  Such employee, however, may be transferred without further tests of fitness or certification to any position of the class to which the position was previously allocated while held by the employee.

Any employee who feels himself aggrieved because of any allocation or change in classification affecting his position shall, upon his request, be heard thereon by the board; and the board shall hear and decide the complaint in any manner deemed proper.

Acts 1964, No. 282, §1.

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