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      RS 33:2553     


§2553.  Admission to tests

A.  Admission to tests provided by the civil service board through the state examiner shall be as follows:

(1)  Admission to a promotional test shall be limited to regular employees of the class next lower than that for which they are to be examined.  However, the rules may provide for admission to be extended to applicants from any one or more of the next lower classes.

(2)  Admission to competitive tests shall be open to all persons who meet the requirements provided by this Part and the rules of the board.

(3)  Any applicant admitted to a test shall be a citizen of the United States, and of legal age.

(4)  Special requirements or qualifications for admission to tests or for eligibility for appointment, such as age, education, physical requirements, and the like, may be established by rules adopted by the board, after consultation with the appointing authority.  Any applicant, at the time of his appointment to a position in the classified service, must be of good health, good moral character, and of temperate and industrious habits.

(5)  The board may reject the application of any person for admission to tests for fitness, or refuse any applicant to be tested, or may cancel the eligibility of any eligible on any employment list, who:

(a)  Is found to lack any of the qualifications prescribed, or which may be legally prescribed, as requirements for admission to the tests for the class for which he has applied;

(b)  Is physically unfit to perform effectively the duties of a position of the class;

(c)  Is addicted to the habitual use of drugs or intoxicating liquors to excess;

(d)  Has been adjudged guilty of a crime involving moral turpitude or infamous or notoriously disgraceful conduct;

(e)  Has been dismissed from the fire or police service for delinquency or misconduct;

(f)  Has made a false statement of any material fact; or

(g)  Has practiced or attempted to practice deception or fraud in securing eligibility for appointment or attempting to do so.

B.  Any such facts also shall be considered cause for removal of any employee.  The board shall reject any application filed after the time fixed for closing receipt of applications as announced in the public notice of the tests.

C.  Any applicant admitted to the competitive examinations which may be called for by the state examiner pursuant to R.S. 33:2552, for the classifications of entrance police officer, entrance firefighter, or for the entrance classifications comprising the duties of the operation and maintenance of radio, alarm, or signal systems for the respective department, shall be a citizen of the United States and of legal age.

Acts 1964, No. 282, §1; Acts 1999, No. 1092, §1; Acts 2006, No. 212, §1, eff. July 1, 2006.

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