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      RS 33:2559     


§2559.  Lay-offs

If for any reason the lowest class in the classified service, or the lowest class in a respective group of classes, as grouped by the classification plan, should become overburdened with the number of persons holding positions therein, and a reduction of personnel becomes necessary, the reduction shall be made only by laying off persons without pay.  The order of removal shall begin with the person youngest in point of his accumulated total service in the departmental service and shall continue upward until all persons to be removed have been laid off.  Lay-offs shall be made from positions only within the classes above set forth.  The names of persons laid off, the date, the class or position held and the order in which such person was laid off shall be reported to the board by the appointing authority.  Thereupon, the board shall enter such information upon the re-employment list applicable for the class from which each person was removed.

Acts 1964, No. 282, §1.

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