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      RS 33:2562     


§2562.  Oath, testimony, production of records; refusal to testify

Each member of the board shall have the same power and authority to administer oaths, subpoena witnesses and compel the production of books and papers pertinent to any investigation or hearing authorized by this Part as is possessed by the district courts of Louisiana.  Any person who (1) fails to appear in response to a subpoena, (2) fails to answer any question, except those which may tend to incriminate him, (3) fails to produce any books or papers pertinent to any investigation or hearing, or (4) knowingly gives false testimony therein shall be subject to the penal provisions of this Part.  In case of contumacy or refusal to obey a subpoena issued to any person, the district court within the jurisdiction of which the investigation is being carried on, or within the jurisdiction of which the person guilty of contumacy or refusal to obey is found, or resides, or transacts business, upon application of the board, shall have the requisite jurisdiction to issue to the person an order requiring him to appear before the board, its member or agent, and to produce the required evidence or give testimony touching the matter under consideration or in question.  Any person failing to obey such order may be punished by the court for contempt.

Any officer or employee in the classified service who wilfully refuses or fails to appear before any court, officer, board, body or person properly authorized to conduct any hearing or inquiry, or any employee or officer who, having appeared, refuses to testify or answer any relevant question relating to the affairs of government of the municipality, parish or fire protection district or the conduct of any officer or employee thereof, except upon the ground that his testimony or answers would tend to incriminate him, shall, in addition to any other penalty to which he may be subject, forfeit his position, and shall not be eligible for appointment to any position in the classified service for a period of six years.

Acts 1964, No. 282, §1.

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