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      RS 34:1072     


§1072.  Board of commissioners and examiners; members; appointment; duties; enforcement of regulations

The Board of River Port Pilot Commissioners and Examiners shall be composed of three persons.  The chairman of the board which controls or handles the affairs of any port now existing or which may exist in the future shall ex-officio be a member of the said board.  The Governor shall appoint two members, both residents of the locality and duly qualified electors of the State of Louisiana, one of whom shall be a businessman of good standing, and one a licensed pilot.  The said pilot shall be selected from a list of two pilots to be submitted to the Governor by the association of pilots in the locality, which list shall be certified by the secretary of the association as being the nominees of the association.  The term of office for these two appointees shall be for a term of four years or until their successors are appointed and qualified, unless removed by the Governor for cause.  The said members shall perform their duties without compensation and shall not be removed except for cause.  When the necessity arises the board shall have the authority to recommend to the Governor, for appointment by him, one or more persons competent to fulfill the duties of river pilots within their localities on all navigable streams, channels, and boundary waters, within the Intracoastal Canal, Calcasieu and Sabine Rivers, bars and passes, except those waters under the jurisdiction of the Bar Pilots as provided in R.S. 34:941 through R.S. 34:965, those under the jurisdiction of the River Port Pilots as provided in R.S. 34:991 through R.S. 34:1008, and those under the jurisdiction of the New Orleans and Baton Rouge Port Pilots as provided in R.S. 34:1041 through R.S. 34:1050.  The board, in their respective localities, shall make whatever rules and regulations they may deem necessary for the purpose of regulating pilots, pilot associations, masters and owners of vessels plying the navigable waters of the state of Louisiana within its jurisdiction.  All of the provisions of this Part, and the rules of the board, shall be enforced by any court of competent jurisdiction of the parish where the board is located.

Amended by Acts 1954, No. 525, §1; Acts 1964, No. 372, §1.

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