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      RS 40:1667.6     


§1667.6.  Board of review; powers and duties

A.  There is hereby created a board of review which shall be composed of three members, one of whom shall be the commissioner of administration or a representative of the division of administration selected by him; one of whom shall be a member of the Louisiana Association of Chiefs of Police selected by the president of said association; and one of whom shall be the director of the state department of public safety or a representative from said department selected by the director.

B.  Whenever any question arises as to the eligibility of any person to receive additional pay out of state funds as provided by this Part, the question thereof, together with all of the facts relating thereto, shall be submitted to the board of review herein created for determination, and the decision of the board with regard to eligibility shall be final.

Added by Acts 1962, No. 253, §3.  Amended by Acts 1968, No. 98, §1.  Redesignated from R.S. 33:2218.7.  See Acts 2014, No. 158, §§3 and 7.

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