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      RS 33:2541.3     


§2541.3.  Police chief; city of Covington; unclassified service

A.(1)  Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, the position of chief of police for the city of Covington is in the unclassified service, and the right of selection, appointment, supervision, and discharge for such position is vested in the mayor of the city.  The appointment and selection of the chief of police shall be subject to the approval of the municipal governing authority.

(2)  The chief of police shall have not less than five years of full-time law enforcement experience and shall have successfully completed a certified training program approved by the Peace Officer Standards and Training Council.  Any person appointed to the position of chief of police shall meet all qualifications and requirements as provided in the municipal compensation plan in effect at the time of his appointment.

B.  Any person who resigns from a position in the classified service to accept an appointment as chief of police shall not forfeit his seniority accumulated to the date of his resignation, but he shall not accumulate seniority during the time he is not in the classified service.  If any such person resigns from the position of chief of police or is terminated for any reason other than malfeasance in office, he shall be eligible to be reemployed to the same position in the classified service in which he was employed immediately preceding his resignation from the classified service.  If the position has been filled or no longer exists, then his employer shall employ him in a comparable position.

Acts 2014, No. 68, §1, eff. May 16, 2014.

NOTE:  See Acts 2014, No. 68, §2 regarding applicability of Act to incumbent chief.

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