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      RS 4:144     


§144.  State Racing Commission; creation; membership; tenure; powers and duties; quorum; qualification of members; per diem; expenses and disbursements; bond; prohibited interest

A.  There is hereby created within the office of the governor a racing commission, to be known as the "Louisiana State Racing Commission".  The commission shall have the powers and duties specified in this Part and all other powers necessary and proper to enable it to execute fully and effectually all of the objects, purposes, duties, and policies of this Part.  It shall be composed of thirteen members, one person from each congressional district; four persons, consisting of one member domiciled in each of the following parishes: Calcasieu, St. Landry, Bossier, and Orleans; and the remaining person or persons from the state at large. The members shall be appointed by the governor.  Each appointment by the governor shall be submitted to the Senate for confirmation.  The governor shall select one member of the commission to serve as chairman.  The commission shall select from among its membership a vice chairman and a second vice chairman for two-year terms.  Each member shall serve at the pleasure of the governor.  A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business or the exercise of any power.

B.(1)  Members shall be residents of Louisiana, over the age of thirty, and shall possess good moral character.  Each shall have resided in Louisiana for at least five years immediately preceding his appointment.

(2)  No member shall be an official, member of any board of directors, or person financially interested in any race track or race meeting licensed by the commission.  No member may directly or indirectly own racehorses which participate in any race meeting licensed by the commission.

(3)  The commission shall provide by rule for investigation and resolution of alleged violation of Paragraph (2) of this Subsection.  Such rules shall include the suspension of the board member pending conclusion of the investigation and removal of the member in the event of a violation.  Any member removed as a result of a violation of Paragraph (2) of this Subsection shall not be eligible for reappointment for a period of five years.

(4)  Nothing in this Subsection shall prohibit a member of the State Racing Commission from owning a horse that sired or bred a racehorse that participates in a race meeting licensed by the commission, or from participating in a breeder or stallion award, provided the member does not have an ownership interest in the racehorse that competed in the race meeting at the time of the meeting.

C.  Members shall serve without salary, but shall receive a per diem at the rate of fifty dollars per day while attending official meetings, regular or special, of the commission called by the chairman, or in his absence, one of the vice chairmen, not to exceed two thousand dollars per annum.  The commission shall reimburse its members and employees for all travel expenses and disbursements incurred by them in the discharge of their official duties.  They shall give a bond to the governor in the amount of ten thousand dollars, conditioned that they will faithfully and honestly perform the duties of their office.  The premium for the bond shall be paid by the commission.

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