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      RS 40:1578.1     


§1578.1.  Board of review

A.  A board of review shall be established to evaluate alternatives to fire prevention or protection laws and regulations established by the fire marshal when a request of review is properly submitted.  The board of review shall not have the power to waive fire prevention and protection requirements, but shall determine whether the suggested alternative provides equivalent or better protection within the context of the intent of the law.  The board of review shall be composed of the following membership:

(1)  One chief of a fire department which is predominantly volunteer;

(2)  One chief of a fire department with predominantly full-time personnel;

(3)  One registered architect;

(4)  One registered engineer;

(5)  One individual representing building owners-managers interests;

(6)  One individual representing mercantile-industrial interests;

(7)  One representative of the Louisiana Rating and Fire Prevention bureau selected by the bureau;

(8)  Two individuals to represent the general public who have no vested interests directly or indirectly in the construction industry, or the ownership or management of commercial buildings; and

(9)  One representative of the fire marshal's office, ex officio and non voting selected by the fire marshal;

(10)  The fire marshal, ex officio and non voting.

Those members designated in Paragraphs 1 through 6 shall be appointed by the governor for a term of four years.  A voting member of the board shall be elected by its membership as chairman for a term of one year.

B.  Five members of the board shall constitute a quorum.  No board member shall act in any case in which he has a personal pecuniary interest.

C.  A complete record shall be made of all proceedings before the board including a complete verbatim transcript of all testimony; upon appeal of a decision of the board or the fire marshal after review to a court of competent jurisdiction, the record made of the proceeding before the board shall be the only record allowed in the appeal to the court which shall not try the matter de novo but only as an appeal.  All decisions shall include reasons for the decisions.  The vote of each member participating shall be recorded.

D.  The board shall establish rules and regulations for its own procedures not inconsistent with the provisions of this part of the Louisiana Administrative Procedure Act (R.S. 49:951 et seq.).  The board shall meet at regular intervals to be determined by the chairman, or in any event, the board shall meet within ten days after notice of review has been received.  The board shall issue a decision within a period of twenty days after the board meets on such matter.

E.  Members of the board who are not ex officio members shall receive a per diem of fifty dollars per day plus actual and reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of the duties imposed upon them by the provisions of this Act.

F.  In order to stagger terms of the board membership, the chiefs of the volunteer and full paid fire departments shall originally be appointed for a period of one year; the registered engineer and architect for two years; and the owners-managers member and mercantile industrial member for three years.  Thereafter, all members shall serve a term of four years.

Added by Acts 1974, No. 236, §1.

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