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      RS 9:3422     


§3422.  Registration

A.(1)  For a foreign partnership to enjoy the rights, privileges and juridical status of a Louisiana partnership, it must file for registry with the secretary of state in the Central Registry for Contracts of Partnership created by R.S. 9:3401 a statement containing the following information:

(a)  The name and taxpayer identification number of the partnership;

(b)  The jurisdiction of its formation;

(c)  The designation of an agent for service of process within this state, including his name and municipal address;

(d)  The name and municipal address of at least one of its general partners who gives consent under R.S. 9:3424;

(e)  The municipal address of its principal place of business outside of this state;

(f)  The municipal address of its principal place of business in this state.  If the partnership does not have a principal place of business in this state, then the location at the municipal address of the agent for service of process is deemed to be the partnership's principal place of business in this state;

(g)  Whether or not the partnership intends to own immovable property in Louisiana in the partnership name;

(h)  If any of the partners are to have limited liability recognized in Louisiana; and

(i)  An affidavit executed by a general partner who certifies the correctness of the information and that he has the authority to make the certification.

(2)  The articles of partnership shall not be filed with the registration statement; however, by registering the partnership, the partnership agrees to furnish a true copy of its articles of partnership to the secretary of state within thirty days of his written request.

B.  If material information contained in the statement was inaccurate when made or if the facts described have changed making the statement inaccurate in any material respect, the foreign partnership shall promptly file with the secretary of state an amended or supplemental statement correcting the inaccurate information.

C.  Repealed by Acts 1986, No. 338, §2.

Added by Acts 1980, No. 152, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 1981; Acts 1986, No. 338, §§1, 2; Acts 1990, No. 745, §1.

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