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      RS 34:1101     




§1101.  Commission created; membership; rules and regulations

There is hereby created a commission to be known as the Board of Morgan City, Berwick Port Pilot Commissioners and Examiners to be composed of three members, one of whom shall be appointed by the governing authority of Morgan City and one of whom shall be appointed by the governing authority of the town of Berwick.  The third party shall be appointed by the governor from a list of three names submitted by the city of Morgan City.  The members of the board shall serve without compensation, and their terms of office shall run concurrently with that of the governor.  No member may be removed except for cause after a public hearing.  When the necessity arises, the board shall have the authority to recommend to the governor, for appointment by him, one or more persons competent to fulfill the duties of a pilot within their locality on all navigable streams, channels and boundary waters, and particularly on the lower Atchafalaya River and through the channel into the Gulf of Mexico by way of Oyster Bayou Light and Eugene Island Light.  The board shall make whatever rules and regulations they may deem necessary for the purpose of regulating pilots, the Morgan City, Berwick Pilots Association, and masters and owners of vessels plying the navigable waters herein described.  All of the provisions of this Part and the rules and regulations of the board shall be enforceable by any court of competent jurisdiction.

Acts 1962, No. 355, §1.

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