RS 49:151     


§151.  State seal

A.  There shall be a public seal, which shall include the pelican tearing its breast to feed its young, for the purpose of authenticating the acts of the government of the state of Louisiana.

B.  The Secretary of State shall be keeper, and shall affix the public seal to all official acts, the laws alone excepted.

C.  The design of the seal depicting the pelican tearing at its breast to feed its young shall include an appropriate display of three drops of blood.  No state agency shall discard or otherwise dispose of flags, stationery, or any other device that depicts the state seal to accomplish the purposes of this Section, but shall take the appropriate actions to implement the new depiction of the state seal.  Nothing in this Section shall preclude the secretary of state from utilizing the new design of the seal in conducting the ordinary business of the state.

Acts 2006, No. 92, §1.