RS 25:380.152     

§380.152. Governing board; creation; domicile; appointment and compensation of members

            A. The governing board of the Germantown Colony Museum is hereby created in the Department of State.

            B. The domicile of the board shall be in the parish of Webster.

            C. The board shall be comprised of the following members:

            (1) Eleven members who have a knowledge of and an interest in the purposes of the museum shall be appointed by the secretary of state.

            (2) The secretary of state or his designee shall serve as a member of the board.

            D. Each member shall serve until his successor is appointed and takes office.

            E. Each appointed member shall be confirmed by the Senate and shall serve a term concurrent with the secretary of state.

            F. Members of the board shall serve without compensation.

            Acts 2008, No. 847, §1, eff. July 1, 2008; Acts 2010, No. 308, §1, eff. June 17, 2010; Acts 2020, No. 212, §1, eff. June 11, 2020.

NOTE: See Acts 2008, No. 847, §3, relative to effectiveness.