RS 11:1981     


§1981. Board of trustees; membership; term of office; oath of office; compensation; voting power; vacancies

            A. The board of trustees is authorized and empowered to administer the provisions of this Chapter and to establish such rules and regulations as required for the administration of its funds and transaction of its business.

            B. The board shall be composed of the following seven members:

            (1) Four active or retired members of the system who shall have at least ten years of creditable service and at least three of whom shall be active and contributing members of the Parochial Employees' Retirement System, elected by the members of this system in accordance with the election rules prescribed by the board.

            (2) One member appointed by the executive board of the Police Jury Association of Louisiana from its membership, who shall be an elected official.

            (3) The chairman of the Senate Committee on Retirement, or his designee.

            (4) A member of the House Committee on Retirement appointed by the speaker of the House of Representatives, or the member's designee.

            C. The term of office for the four elected trustees shall be for a period of six years, provided that present members shall complete the term for which they were elected. The term of office for the trustee appointed by the Police Jury Association shall be for a period of four years.

            D. Each trustee shall, not later than the first board meeting following his election or appointment, take an oath of office that he will diligently and honestly administer the affairs of the board, and that he will not knowingly or willingly permit to be violated any provision of law applicable to the system. Such oath shall be subscribed to by the member, certified by a board officer and immediately filed with the secretary of state.

            E. The trustees shall be paid a per diem at the rate of fifty dollars for each regularly scheduled meeting of the board and shall be reimbursed for reasonable expenses in performing duties on behalf of the board.

            F. Each trustee shall be entitled to one vote on any and all actions before the board, with a majority of concurring votes being required for every decision or action by the board at any of its meetings. No decision or action shall become effective unless presented and so approved at a regular or duly called special meeting of the board.

            G. A vacancy in the board shall be filled for the unexpired term by election by the members of the system, except that if the unexpired term is less than two years, the board may fill the vacancy by appointment, for the unexpired portion of the term. If a trustee retires, he may continue to serve for the remainder of the term for which he was elected, however, if he otherwise separates from membership, his term shall expire.

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