RS 11:264.5     

§264.5.  Breach of fiduciary duty

A.  Any person who is a fiduciary with respect to a plan who breaches any of the responsibilities, obligations, or duties imposed upon fiduciaries by this Subpart shall be personally liable to make good to such plan any losses to the plan resulting from each such breach, and to restore to such plan any profits of such fiduciary which have been made through use of assets of the plan by the fiduciary, and shall be subject to such other equitable or remedial relief as the court may deem appropriate, including removal of such fiduciary.

B.  No fiduciary shall be liable with respect to a breach of fiduciary duty under this Subpart if such breach was committed before he became a fiduciary or after he ceased to be a fiduciary.  

C.  It shall not be a breach of fiduciary duty for a board of trustees or any member of such a board to take action to divest the system of any holding in a company having facilities or employees or both located in a prohibited nation as that term is defined in R.S. 11:312(B)(2); however, nothing in this Subsection shall require a board to divest itself of any such holding.

Acts 1992, No. 1046, §1, eff. July 1, 1993; Acts 2005, No. 9, §1, eff. May 27, 2005.